Learn to Maximize Revenue with The D3 Methodology™ — Book a 45-Minute Session with Carlos Hidalgo

DemandGen created The D3 Methodology — a holistic model for maximizing revenue — to help marketing, sales, and customer success leaders identify and prioritize their key initiatives necessary for digital transformation within their organization. The methodology was designed to unite your demand creation, demand management, and demand expansion activities while simultaneously integrating your people, technology, analytics, and data — all in an effort to achieve more revenue growth.

As Chief Strategy Officer at DemandGen, Carlos Hidalgo was instrumental in developing The D3 Methodology and has worked with dozens of marketing teams to successfully implement the model to transform them digitally, remove friction from their buying processes and customer experience, improve the performance of their demand generation efforts, and, most importantly, help them drive more revenue.

Book a complimentary 45-minute session with Carlos today! Carlos can answer any of your questions around The D3 Methodology and provide you with expert-level guidance to help you maximize the performance of your marketing strategies and initiatives.

About Carlos:

As Chief Strategy Officer, Carlos Hidalgo guides DemandGen’s enterprise clients on developing their strategy and initiatives for digital transformation, helping to make the complex world of digital marketing simple while driving revenue and achieving operational excellence. Carlos is widely recognized for his expertise in B2B change management strategies, marketing, sales, content development and demand generation, and has spent the past two decades helping enterprise marketing and sales leaders optimize their approach to demand generation for maximizing revenue growth.